WordFlyers’ range of relatable, relevant and age-appropriate texts and activities contextualise students’ literacy learning, keeping them motivated and engaged.

WordFlyers Lessons

Each WordFlyers Unit contains 10 digital, interactive activities that relate to one captivating text and address core literacy skills. The relatable and real-world topics addressed in each text keep students engaged.

Motivation and Rewards

From earning points and badges to feeling pride in seeing their progress and achievements on their Dashboard, students are motivated by intrinsic and extrinsic rewards ensuring they stay on track and engrossed in learning.

Travel and Explore

Points awarded for mastering skills are used to visit destinations around the (virtual) world. As students explore, they learn about the location and build on their newly learnt literacy skills through quizzes, games and slide shows.

For Teachers

  • Easily keep students engaged and on track with their learning

  • Assign students activities you know they will be motivated to complete

  • Access to a wealth of teaching resources to further reinforce skills and engage students

  • Comprehensive reports highlight student engagement and performance

For Students

  • Highly engaging, relevant content that focuses on developing core literacy skills

  • Rewards keep students engaged with learning and highly motivated

  • Freedom to explore and engage with any texts and activities of interest in the Student Dashboard

“My class is really loving WordFlyers, so much so that they’re disappointed when I ask them to finish their lesson so we can move on to something else!.”
Leah Nicholls, Belgrave Heights Christian School
“Students find the program to be fun and engaging.”
Simone Alchin, Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College - Berkeley Vale Campus
“Students enjoy all aspects of the game and look forward to WordFlyers lessons.”
Catherine Brown, Rooty Hill High School

Keep your class on track and engrossed in learning.

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