With sophisticated grouping tools, subject-specific activities and a host of additional resources, WordFlyers supports teachers to address unique instructional needs and ensure every student is on the path to literacy success.

WordFlyers Lessons

Containing 128 units of work across 16 different ability levels, WordFlyers provides teachers with literacy activities to suit the needs of individual students. Scaffolded learning encourages students to stay engaged with their literacy learning.


Get instant feedback through automated marking, online reports, and weekly progress updates. Use this data to easily identify strengths or any gaps in students’ understanding.

Assigning Activities

Personalise student learning further by assigning specific activities to groups or individual students. You can refresh knowledge, address any gaps in learning, challenge students’ understanding or reinforce a concept being covered in class.

For Teachers

  • Easily assign appropriate and targeted activities to students

  • Identify gaps in knowledge with comprehensive reports

  • Find additional resources and support to personalise learning

  • Keep students on track and engaged in learning

For Students

  • Tailored activities allow students to work at their own pace and gain confidence

  • Engaging, relevant content that focuses on developing key literacy skills

  • A variety of rewards that keep students engaged and highly motivated

“I love that it caters to students’ ability levels and that they can learn at their own pace.”
Leah Nicholls, Belgrave Heights Christian School
“We made WordFlyers a compulsory part of English in Years 8 and 10, and since then our students ask more questions about grammar and we have seen students with low skills improve in their standardised testing.”
Sue Wendt, Unley High School
WordFlyers is a really adaptable program that allows students to learn and have fun at the same time. It is a great tool for differentiation and is very approachable, even for students who have severe challenges with their literacy.
Claire O’Brien, Teacher, Wonthaggi Secondary College

Personalise learning and ensure every student is on the path to literacy success.

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