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What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is the proven international digital learning resource for success in mathematics, used by over 4 million students.

  • Suitable for students in grade 1 – 12.

  • Over 1,200 adaptive practice activities and eBooks.

  • Full common core state standards with targeted, adaptive and engaging content to keep students engaged and improve results.

Why does Mathletics give students an advantage?

At Mathletics, we are committed to providing a maths resource that is world leading to people at a price that is affordable for all.  

  • A study by Dr. Tony Stokes revealed as little as 30 minutes per week on common core state standard based Mathletics activites, students could potentially gain a 9% improvement in results.

  • Annual average improvement of 32.9% across US Catholic schools for students utilising Mathletics resources.

  • Step-by-step animated help and instant feedback is like having a teacher around 24/7 and for students to know if they’re on the right track.

  • Weekly data reports are sent to parents to see student’s progress and results.

  • Practice assessments help students gain confidence by familiarising themselves with test conditions and to support fluency of numeracy.


for parents.

Mathletics also provides tools to help track your child’s progress, results and achievements. Parents have access to printable certificates, workbooks, and task setting.

Our research has shown that parents only need to assign 2-3 common core activities per week to receive the full advantage of using Mathletics.

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Don’t take our word for it… Parent testimonial


of parents agreed that their child enjoyed math and their results had improved with Mathletics.

“If you could only see my daughter’s test scores from last year and the updated test scores from this year … she went from 65% on her testing last year… to 99% this year. WOW!!! Such a HUGE improvement! I owe it all to Mathletics! Your program has given her the confidence to succeed that she didn’t have. Thanks for all that you have done!”

Joy Stott, Beavercreek, Ohio

The World Agrees 

We hold a set of records of success stories from the schools in the US that have achieved improved standardised testing scores as a result of utilising Mathletics resources for their students.

Findings from a study conducted on a Los Angeles school participating in Mathletics for 2 years:

  • Grade 5 students increased standardised testing scores of 22%

  • Grade 7 students had increased standardised testing scores of 25%

  • Data collected from the Iowa Test of Basic Skills shows improved student results with the use of Mathletics.

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