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  • Designed by the team of educators at Mathletics to support your teachers in the classroom.

  • Aligned to meet the targeted expectations of the state standards, Common Core curriculum, TEKS and MAFS.

  • Clear and progressive, allowing students to work independently.

  • Produced right here in the US.

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“These worksheets have been invaluable to our school. Our students use Mathletics and these books are fantastic, easy to use – and very well structured and written to help student understanding. Our teachers love using these!” 

Mathletics Teacher 

A little more about Mathletics

  • Mathletics gives each student their very own personal learning space. Filled with targeted curriculum content, interactive tutorials and support, alongside engaging games and rewards.

  • Mathletics includes over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities and eBooks for grades K-12.

  • Our team of educational publishers has created courses that specifically align to various state-based standards, plus the Common Core.

  • Curriculum content and homework can be assigned and controlled by the teacher with on-screen notifications.

  • Importantly, teachers and students love Mathletics! It is fun, engaging and an easy way to get students to love math!

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