Spellodrome with Jane

Welcome to our new video series in which we explore how you can boost your Spellodrome experience to the maximum. Jane, our resident Spellodrome expert and ex-teacher, gathered the most common questions, queries and requirements around spelling and Spellodrome from our schools. The answer to her research is our brand-new video series – Jane will show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to use Spellodrome in your classroom in the most efficient way – to constantly improve your students’ spelling results. We hope you’ll find her videos helpful. Enjoy!

Top Tip 1 – word lists to support every pupil

How can you ensure that every student is practising those word lists that are appropriate for them? In this video, Jane explains how you can cater to your students’ different spelling levels by creating subgroups in your Spellodrome class setup.

Top Tip 2 – ensuring focused practice

How can you make sure that your students are practising with a clear focus on certain words? In this video, Jane shows you how you can streamline the work that you are doing with your students in class and the word lists they are practising in Spellodrome.


Top Tip 3 – using Spellodrome in class

How can you use Spellodrome as part of your spelling lessons? In this video, Jane explores the demonstration area of Spellodrome and shows you how your students can use Spellodrome in class – not only as a homework tool.

See results and celebrate success

Curious about how your students perform? In this video, Jane dives into the results area of Spellodrome and explores the Hall of Fame, and shows you how to download and print certificates.