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Welcome to Spellodrome! Your school has joined the tens of thousands of others here in the UK and around the world who are part of the huge Spellodrome community.

We love learning and it’s great to have you on board! We look forward to working with your school’s teachers, students and parents over the coming months.

Now that your subscription is active, we’re here to help you hit the ground running and get the most from your Spellodrome access. Let’s get going!

Your first step: Creating accounts for your students….

Every student gets their own Spellodrome account, with each teacher being able to view and manage the learning outcomes of all the students in their class. Your first important task is to get these accounts created, so that everyone can get started as soon as possible! The good news is that the Spellodrome itself can do most of the work for you, all you need are your class lists. Here’s a quick video to walk you through the process…

Three goals for your first week with Spellodrome…

Word Lists with Spellodrome

Your own word lists power Spellodrome. Setting them up is as easy as ABC!

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Getting started with Spellodrome

Tell the parents. A brilliantly easy way to facilitate home-school communications…

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Spellodrome webinars

Take our tutorial for teachers – all you need to know in a single webinar!

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Taking you from newbie to expert in no time…

However you plan to use Spellodrome, we’re here to help you.

Whether you want to build word lists, view results, run assessments or access printable resources, with the Spellodrome Teacher Support portal you’ll be an expert in no time.

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Kick start that engagement!

The Spellodrome team have produced a range of FREE printable classroom resources for teachers and parents to accompany the online program. They are perfect for adding extra spice to a classroom lesson, or for engaging and rewarding students.

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