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Spellodrome meets the National Curriculum’s Statutory Requirements.

Spellodrome is an essential resource for all teachers because it specifically follows the nation’s official spelling content, the National Curriculum of England-Spelling Appendix 1.

Targeting National Curriculum requirements with Spellodrome

Our education experts have created ideal and effective courses designed with the same understanding as the National Curriculum of England. This understanding is that pupils should be able to read many of the words containing grapheme phoneme correspondences, GPCs, they have learnt – however, spelling is an entirely different matter. Spellodrome is the best solution.

Spellodrome teachers can easily find year-levelled spelling lists aligned with the statutory content within their Teacher Console. In Word Lists, they are ready to select from the menu and set for individual pupils, groups and the entire class. These lists contain multiple example words for each spelling rule.

Remembering example words are non-statutory, our teachers customise the courses by using them as a template. With a simple drag and drop, teachers can add and delete words from the list while still meeting all statutory requirements.

The best part? When you customise a course, you can save it within your school for the rest of your colleagues to use!

Spellodrome also includes separate Common Exception Word Lists for Year 1 and Year 2, along with Statutory Word Lists for Years 3&4 and 5&6 – all easily found in the Spellodrome word list menu.

Spellodrome for the National Curriculum spelling requirements
Spellodrome for the National Curriculum spelling requirements

Looking for more curriculum information?

No problem. We’ve created an extensive guide to using Spellodrome to meet the wider requirements of the National Curriculum for England (Key Stages 1, 2 and 3).

Download the guide to Spellodrome for the National Curriculum