Reading Eggs workshops: Northern England & North Wales

Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered. Our team is based around the country and hold a range of in-school workshops for new and experienced Reading Eggs teachers.

Are you getting the most from your subscription? Would you like to explore new features or give your staff a refresher session? Have you got new staff or NQTs who haven’t used Reading Eggs before?

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Workshop 1: “Maximise your Reading Eggs”

Invigorate pupils’ love of reading with Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress. With over 2000 books in the online library and a learning journey which helps pupils to develop both reading and comprehension skills, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress raises pupils’ enjoyment and achievement in reading. Hosted by your local Reading Eggs regional trainer, this ‘hands on’ session explores how to get the best from your subscription.

  • Explore how pupils can follow their own learning journey within Reading Eggs; which teachers can track and tweak.

  • The journey begins with Reading Eggs, where pupils learn letter sounds and key words and explore these in simple sentences and then moves on to Reading Eggspress, learning comprehension skills and reading across a wide range of genres.

  • Explore how to use the program as part of Guide Reading carousels and to support reading interventions.

  • See how teachers can track pupil progress and use of the program, plus explore ideas to encourage improved usage and pupil engagement.

  • The workshop includes a Q&A slot and time to explore the ideas shared. All attendees will receive a training presentation to use back at their own school.

Spellodrome Workshops

Upcoming dates across Northern England & North Wales:

These workshops are popular and held regularly across the local area. Places are FREE, but strictly limited, so contact us to reserve your place at any one of these upcoming workshops as soon as possible.

  • There are no current dates available – please contact Jane if you would like to host a session!

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Meet Jane.

Jane Fisher is part of the team supporting our schools across Northern England & North Wales, as our regional training manager.

A former teacher herself, Jane has several years’ experience of using 3P Learning’s resources in her previous schools and brings this raft of knowledge and advice to the workshops she hosts.

Be a trailblazer: Host your own workshop!

Reading Eggs teacher workshops are always very popular and an excellent way to absorb all of the best practice from our experts and teachers across the country! Looking for a completely bespoke option? Why not host a workshop in your own school…

  • Held in your own school, invite as many of your teaching and support team as you like!

  • Includes a FREE Reading Eggs celebration assembly for your students, followed by a staff training session after school hours. (For larger schools, two assemblies can be scheduled – a Reading Eggs assembly for Early Years and KS1 and a Reading Eggspress assembly for KS2.)

  • Hosted by your local Reading Eggs representative, the workshop is planned in advanced to meet your school’s specific needs, following discussions with you and an analysis of the school’s Reading Eggs usage.

  • Parents are also welcome to attend the celebration assembly and a Q&A session for parents can follow the assembly.

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