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We know Reading Eggs delivers powerful results wherever it is used, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what teachers across the country are saying about how Reading Eggs is impacting learning in their schools.

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Using Reading Eggs to develop reading skills…

Zohra Benotmane, acting assistant headteacher at Snowsfields Primary School in London, reviews Reading Eggs an online digital resource which has made a significant impact on her pupils’ abilities in reading and comprehension.

“We started using Reading Eggs in 2012 for our Year 1 and Year 2 classes. It takes the form of a unique online world where children learn to read and are encouraged to practise and improve their reading strategies and spelling, while mastering key vocabulary along the way.

Featuring colourful visuals and animations, music, sound e ects and destinations such as a shop, a bank and a cafe, the Reading Eggs world engages children very quickly. Each pupil creates their own ‘Eggsplorer’ – an avatar – whose successful participation in lessons and activities wins them ‘eggs’ which hatch ‘critters’, all of which earn points for the pupil to spend at the online shop and use to dress their avatars and furnish their houses.”

About the School:

Snowsfields Primary School in Southwark, London is a one-form entry, inner city school, that is very close to the London Bridge. There are 28 pupils in each class, with the majority from minority ethnic groups. The proportion speaking English as an additional language is above average at close to 60%. The school has a dedicated resource unit for children with autism which takes 14 children from Reception through to Year 6, with two pupils per year group.

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“The resource’s link to phonics was especially appealing for us. Lessons begin with single letters sounds and progress to blending whole words and building sentences. The quiz at the end of each lesson is also useful in helping teaching staff to assess pupil progress.

It is a linearly progressive resource, personalised for each learner, with each child starting at a point determined by a placement test, or by their teacher. The My Lessons area is a core part of Reading Eggs, allowing pupils to progress through 120 lessons. Once they have mastered reading the children are supported as they make the transition to more complex comprehension and learn to understand creative writing techniques and how to apply reading strategies.”

Zohra Benotmane, Asst Head, Snowsfields Primary School

Moving on for developing readers…

Our developing readers in KS2 move on to Reading Eggspress, which has a more ‘grown-up’ looking interface and provides a greater focus on comprehension.

At this stage, all lessons end with a quiz and scores are fed back to the teacher centre. There is also a library of over 2,000 eBook titles, both ction and non-fiction. Children are encouraged to review and rate their chosen books, saving their favourites to a personal bookshelf. The resource is also capable of assessing a pupil’s preferences to help guide their future reading choices. Finally there is the ‘Stadium and Quote’ quest where pupils can practise spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills with other students in a live race against the clock.

Teachers can monitor students individually – checking, for example, how many games they have played, their vocabulary and the last three books they have read. They can also set particular books or lessons to move a pupil on to a more di cult stage and are also supplied with suggested classroom and homework activities.

It’s proved very useful in helping our children to develop their inferential reading skills and therefore to read more strategically, while increasing their confidence in answering higher order thinking questions. Overall we’ve been very pleased that the resource has heightened the focus on reading in our school and has helped all our pupils to become more fluent and confident readers.


Reading Eggs in the classroom

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