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Created specifically for the needs of early maths learners, Mathseeds provides teachers with an academically rigorous maths program that students love! Learners will be engaged, enthusiastic and willing to learn. Built-in diagnostic assessment ensures all students will begin at an appropriate level and progress at their own rate on activities that provide both instruction and practice.

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Maximise student engagement

Mathseeds understands that young learners need to be engaged and entertained if they are to stay on task.

  • Rewards: Built-in reward games motivate students to make real progress. All students can experience success and take pride in their achievements.
  • Recognition & motivators: Students can view their rewards earned and shop for decorations with their golden acorns. Game leader boards motivate students to complete another test.
  • Gamified learning experiences.
  • Highly interactive using digital manipulatives to model each new skill and strategy.
  • Students can easily navigate through the program independently.
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We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathseeds. Explore Mathseeds with your students and colleagues and register for free today.

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Improve learning outcomes

Mathseeds is designed to ensure that key concepts are learned in depth, which greatly improves outcomes and long-term retention.

  • Content: A progressive lesson sequence is tailored to each student’s ability level with 180 sequential lessons covering all content strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Question sets increase in difficulty level to challenge students, helping students prepare for standardised national tests.
  • Assessment: Instant feedback on student progress with automated assessment and reporting; including feedback at a student, class and school level and paper-based tests for each year level and strand. This provides additional opportunities for teachers to assess student progress. A comprehensive suite of reports track student development over time.
  • Progress: Activities are designed to engage students and are created to prevent guessing. Children need to get most questions correct before they can move on and are motivated to complete lessons and move forward. They are excited to make progress and move onto a new map!
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We’ve got your whole school covered!

Bundle packages are available to include our flagship maths website for primary and secondary schools, Mathletics! With the addition of Mathletics, your school will be able to implement an essential core curriculum tool that provides teacher control over multiple structured learning sequences.

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Blended teaching and student-centred learning

Each teacher manages their own blend of teacher-led instruction and student-driven learning. Mathseeds is designed to help.

  • Unique learning experiences: Mathseeds is an easy-to-use, motivational sequence where every student has their own self-paced learning path. Over 2500 highly interactive activities, with well-paced lessons using digital manipulatives to model each new skill and strategy. A wide range of motivational elements and fun characters keep students learning.
  • Explicit instruction: Engaging lessons teach skills using systematic and explicit instruction, guided practice and intensive skill development. An early and sustained focus on number sense and mental computation strategies builds the foundation that underpins more complex skills for the future. Hundreds of activity types build fluency in number facts and operations.
  • A powerful teacher toolkit: Each lesson contains a 2-page teaching PDF to help teach and reinforce, along with a 4-page Student PDF with worksheets for school or home-work use! Download from over 100 full colour posters to use for front of class teaching, or print out and place around the classroom to help reinforce maths concepts. The Mathseeds Big Books area contains all your maths literacy resources in one click. With nearly 300 online books for R – 2, there are a wide range of books to choose from.
Teacher testimonial - Mathletics

“My pupils are very motivated by Mathseeds. They find it fun and interesting while they are learning.”

Michelle P, Teacher

Teacher testimonial - Mathletics

“Finally, a maths programme that is both kid-friendly and academically sound. My students and teachers love it!”

Betsy M, Teacher

Teacher testimonial - Mathletics

“I love it and my pupils ask me to do Mathseeds everyday. They say it’s “cool” and the best maths games ever.” 

Kimberly H, Teacher

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