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What teachers are saying

“Mathletics matches to the new curriculum. It shows all of the strategies we’re using in school.

One of the aspects of mastery is about practice – not just “random” practice but intelligent practice, so that the practice, calculations and problems the children are doing are carefully structured. Mathletics does that really well.

The children get that intelligent practice that is part of the mastery curriculum we are looking for – in a really structured way that’s easy for the teachers to set and to monitor.”

Helen Hackett: Maths Lead & Assistant Head Teacher, Parkfield Community School, Birmingham

“Mathletics is helping us build confident, positive mathematicians.

It’s really helping children see patterns in maths and grasp concepts quickly. In the curriculum tasks we set, children repeat the same concepts and practise the same skill.

As pupils work through the activities, the questions get gradually harder so it’s also allowing them to be challenged.”

Sue Larson: Head of Year 6, Christ the Saviour CoE Primary School, London

“I’ve heard from all the different year groups they are using Mathletics more and more because it’s fully aligned to the curriculum.

Children aren’t just being hit with complicated concepts straight away. It starts them off with more abstract ways in which to explain something and carefully builds up the concepts. It’s such a useful tool.”

Matthew Taylor: Year 2 Teacher, Christ the Saviour CoE Primary School, London

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