Gooseberry Planet provides a comprehensive online safety learning tool to help your class and school meet the rigorous standards set by OFSTED. By developing students understanding of online risks, and empowering teachers’ knowledge of online safety, Gooseberry Planet helps schools meet OFSTED’s guidelines and keeps their learners safe.

A Comprehensive Online Safety Toolkit

Everything needed to teach online safety in one place, with interactive online activities supported by teacher notes and student workbooks.

Demonstrates a Whole School Approach

Online safety is a community effort – demonstrating a whole school approach empowers teachers, students and parents to take action.

Empower Teachers’ Online Safety Knowledge

Online safety is a responsibility shared by all teachers. More informed teachers mean more informed schools and safer children.

Demonstrate student knowledge and progress

Use data-rich reporting to show students’ strength of students understanding, and fill in any knowledge gaps with Quick Fire Quizzes.

Gooseberry Empowers Teachers

  • Provides teachers with curriculum-aligned resources to teach online safety, covering key online and digital safeguarding

  • Demonstrates pupils, teachers and parents are involved and have an understanding of online safety

  • Equips teachers with the knowledge they need to teach and support online safety for their students

  • Assessment tools to demonstrate progress and knowledge gaps

Gooseberry Prepares Students

  • Helps students understand the risks of being online and what actions they can take

  • Teaches students what positive and negative online behaviours look like online

  • Connects the realities of online dangers to the real world, encouraging them to be resilient and support their friends

What Teachers are Saying

“We just wanted to share with you our recent Ofsted report as it makes specific reference to e-safety. The Ofsted inspectors were very impressed with the way in which the students could speak about e-safety and this is down to the work that you have done with the students, staff and parents – thank you so much.”
Jo Luhman, Ash Manor School

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