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Mathletics supports FSM pupil attainment

What the University of Oxford says…

“Schools with a large proportion of pupils eligible for FSM that use Mathletics regularly have a significantly higher proportion of pupils making at least 2 levels of progress compared to schools with a similar proportion of pupils claiming FSM that do not use Mathletics.”

University of Oxford, August 2015.

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Parkfield Community Case Study

Parkfield Community won the National Pupil Premium awards 2015 for its use of Mathletics.

“The outcomes have been stunning… Pupils receiving pupil premium met their challenging target in maths – 80%, at the end of KS2. In year 3, our pupil premium children made more progress than non pupil premium children and achieved above the national average in maths.”

Helen Hackett, Assistant Headteacher; Maths Lead and Specialist Leader in Education


Mathletics for FSM pupils: How Mathletics supports key strategies for success

The Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit has identified effective approaches to help students make good progress using the Pupil Premium. Mathletics supports many of these strategies

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