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Keep your kids engaged with learning during school closure. Designed by educators to provide meaningful learning experiences while being fun, Mathletics and Spellodrome have hundreds of activities, games, and resources you can rely on when your children are learning from home.

Perfect for students aged 6-14

  • Hundreds of engaging activities
  • Aligned to your school’s curricula
  • Weekly progress updates for parents

Students currently enjoying distance learning

“Sunday morning Mathletics in your PJs for Elsie.”

“Henryk doing some Mathletics this weekend!”

“Miles is obsessed with doing mathletics at the minute.”

Reading Eggs has been so engaging that Ed refuses to stop to go to the toilet!

Trying to secure online learning for our children and @mathletics3pl have been amazing. We’ve only done the free trial at school, but what support…I can see some companies ethos shining through.
Wow! 69 books have been read so fat on the Reading Eggs app/website! @readingeggs @3Plearning It was only launched whole school today.