3P Learning Terms & Conditions

3P Learning will supply its products and services to the Customer under a licence to use them (the “Licence”) in accordance with this agreement. The Licence provided to the Customer allows an assigned number of students selected by the Customer the right to use the purchased product(s) at home or school. Charges to the Customer by 3P Learning are based on the number of unique students the Customer has requested receive access to the product(s). The Customer can transfer the right to access the product from an existing student to a new student at no additional cost, but only once the previous student’s use of the product has ended. If more than the number of assigned students set out in this agreement use the product(s), then 3P Learning has the right to invoice the Customer for the access provided to the additional students. Where this agreement relates to an individual school subscription, licences must be assigned to student users within the Customer’s school.

  • The Customer will have access to curriculum, content or tools available within the product(s) at no extra charge.
  • 3P Learning’s product(s) are continuously evolving. 3P Learning will provide upgrades and enhancements free of charge. 3P Learning reserves the right to delete, modify, change, evolve and improve existing curriculum, content or tools at any time without notice to, or consent from, the Customer.
  • 3P Learning will provide telephone and email support services to the Customer. Additional remote or face-to face training may be chargeable.
  • 3P Learning will provide Customer with a limited amount of technical support.
  • The Licence and the pricing in this agreement are effective for the period outlined in the order form and invoice.
  • Pricing is based on an annual fixed rate for each assigned student that the Customer has provided the right to use the product(s). Each teacher of a Customer has the right to use the product(s) for FREE with their assigned students for their respective class.
  • This pricing offer is available to all new Customers of the product(s). This offer will not be combined with any other offer.
  • Invoices will be sent to the Customer as required, and will be treated as binding and accepted, and all amounts will be payable in full unless amounts are disputed within 15 days from when the invoices are sent.
  • Your agreement will automatically renew from year to year. An Invoice will be sent to customer at the pricing then in effect for the ending school roll setting forth the current number of assigned students unless 3P Learning is notified in writing a minimum of 30 calendar days prior to the date of expiry.
  • The Customer order must meet the minimum purchase threshold. For Mathletics, the minimum purchase is $550.00. For Spellodrome the minimum purchase is $187.50. For a bundled Mathletics and Spellodrome Licence the minimum purchase is $737.50. The minimum purchase must consist of the total student roll within the Customer School for the chosen class.
  • A current Licence must be purchased by Customer as indicated above, and be in effect in order to use the product(s). Adjustments to a Customer’s Account due to changes in the assigned students must be made by June 30 of each respective year. Adding students may be done by purchasing the right to add assigned students by contacting Customer Service of 3P Learning (customerservice@3plearning.ca).
  • Usage of the product(s) for more students than the number of assigned students will make the Customer responsible for paying an additional amount to 3P Learning which will be payable based on the number of additional students times the current price per student.
  • All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Pricing and terms of this offer are subject to change without notice before acceptance of this pricing offer.
  • The signatory is authorized to sign this Agreement on behalf of Customer.
  • Unpaid invoices will be subject to interest charges of 2% monthly. The Customer will be liable for collection costs and legal costs on the basis of a solicitor and his own client for any costs incurred by 3P Learning in collecting balances due on unpaid invoices.
  • Notice of change to a Customer’s contact information must be provided in writing to 3P Learning immediately at the time of change.
  • For multi-year agreements, licences and pricing in this Agreement are in effect until the expiry of the chosen multi-year agreement. 3P Learning will invoice Customer on the agreed to yearly anniversary for the subsequent year of the multi-year agreement.
    Cancellation of licences at any time during a multi-year term will result in the full retail price being applied to all licences retroactively for the entire year(s) and an administration fee will be applied.
  • This is a confidential agreement between Customer and 3P Learning. Disclosure of pricing information to other persons or entities, external, internal, related or unrelated parties (other than those parties requiring information in the normal course of duties) is strictly prohibited.