You need never remember your password again…

Passwords are annoying, we get it. That’s why we are teaming up with some big names to ensure you have one less to remember. All students and teachers can now link their Mathletics and Microsoft AD accounts to create a single point of access.

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Creating Single Sign On (SSO) access with Microsoft AD

Linking a Mathletics account to Microsoft Active directory is achievable with Azure AD. A free Azure Account can be setup to establish a sync between your local AD and Azure AD.

The following are required to complete this Step-By-Step:
1. A domain joined server running Windows Server 2008 SP2 or higher
A domain joined server running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher

2. An active Microsoft Azure subscription

3. An Internet Domain Name will allow your users to authenticate to

Note: It is not mandatory for the Internet Domain Name to match with your Active Directory Domain Name

Step One: Sign up for an Azure account

The first step is to sign up and log into the Azure portal here.

Note: This will need to be done by the domain administrator who has Domain Admin access into their Microsoft AD. Also, free trial with pay as you go subscription available at no cost.

Step Two: Opening your Azure Active Directory

Once logged into the Azure portal, select “Active Directory” from the left hand menu, as shown. Then click into your directory.

Once in your directory, select “Applications” from the top menu,

Mathletics Azure AD Single Sign On SSO

Step Three: Locating the Mathletics App

Select “ADD” from the bottom menu. Click on “Add an application from the gallery”.

Mathletics Office 365 Single Sign On SSO

Step Four: Adding the Mathletics App

Using the search bar at the top right of the screen, search for “Mathletics” and click “Sign up for 3P Learning Mathletics”.

Mathletics Azure AD Single Sign On SSO

Step Five: Link your Mathletics ID

Now you will need to enter your Mathletics username and password. This will link your Mathletics account to your Azure account. From now on, you will not need to re-enter your Mathletics login details.

Mathletics Azure AD Single Sign On SSO

Step Six: You’re done! Time to enter Mathletics…

Your Mathletics account is now linked to your Azure Active Directory.

To access Mathletics, students and teachers can now head to the dedicated URL below and use their Azure AD login.

Mathletics Azure AD Single Sign On SSO
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