STEMscopes has all your science resource needs covered


STEMscopes has hundreds of hours of videos, ready-made-lessons, activities, experiments, and printables. It’s your science resource library.

All Your Resources In One Place

A variety of multi-modal, curriculum-aligned instructional materials are available, making quality science lessons a breeze.

Simple Lesson Planning

Develop comprehensive lesson plans easily by finding relevant resources sorted by grade, reducing the time it takes to prepare and gather resources.

Differentiate Instruction

STEMscopes caters for students of all abilities by offering a diverse range of resources to bolster understanding of specific scientific concepts.

Teach How You Want

Use STEMscopes your way. Teach whole lessons or use it to enhance planned lessons with learning material that was designed to be flexible.

For teachers

  • Ready-made science lessons

  • Assign tasks to students for class or homework

  • Curriculum aligned, multi-modal content

  • Guidance on how to facilitate lesson, including a materials list

For students

  • Resources and content that ‘hook’ students into science concepts

  • Students can see the relevance of content with real-world implications

  • Modules include practical activities so students can get hands-on

  • Content is delivered digitally to captivate students

“…you might be completely new to STEM or science teaching, unsure of how to immerse 21st century learners, and uncertain of where to gather reliable and information-rich resources. The STEMscopes site takes care of this and will propel any teacher into a science realm filled with engaging content and winning confidence.”
Alison Kettle, STEAM Teacher

STEMscopes gives you science resources at your fingertips