The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test


Welcome to the Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test from Spellodrome. The scaffolding for this test has been refined through testing of over 4,000 students from schools all over Australia, resulting in the most current and relevant spelling age test available to Australian schools.

The average spelling ages were calculated from the scores of this sample of students from across all Australian states and territories. Ordinary least squared regression was used to calculate the scores that would reflect the various age categories of the students. These results are provided as a guide to how a student’s score would reflect their performance compared with the other students of their age in this sample.

The test was assessed, verified and standardised by Dr Anthony Stokes of the Australian Catholic University in January 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test is a norm-referenced assessment which compares the performance of students to that of a reference group of peers.

The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test is suitable for students aged 5-15 years. It can be administered to a whole class, group or individual student.

The word list is graded in difficulty and is based on many variations of lists including common sight words, commonly misspelled words, essential word lists and word lists recommended in state and national curriculums.

The test is based on the theory that proficient spellers draw on four main areas of knowledge when attempting to spell words correctly.

  • Visual Knowledge – the way words and letter combinations look.
  • Phonological Knowledge – how words and letter combinations sound.
  • Morphemic Knowledge – the meaning of words and the way words take different spellings when they change form.
  • Etymological Knowledge – the origins of words.

The test may be used to measure progress after an effective program has been completed. However, to avoid “test practice effect” only administer the test once every twelve months.

Test Administration

The test is designed to be administered to a whole class.

It is important that the date of the test administration and each student’s date of birth be recorded on the answer sheet.

The administrator reads the number of the word, the word, the sentence and the word again.

e.g.“Number 12 – brush – Don’t forget to brush your teeth – brush.”

  • Students record their answers on the answer sheet.
  • Students should be encouraged to attempt as many words as possible.
  • The test can be stopped after 10 consecutive errors.
  • The test should be collected and marked by the administrator.
  • One point for each correct answer.

If you have any questions please email or phone 1300 850 331.




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