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Challenge 6 Wrap-up | Spelling Games

Shape the future of spelling with teachers from around the world

It’s the first project of its kind (we think), and you’re invited – support us, and help students all over the globe!

What’s in it for you

  • Make an impact: Contribute to the direction, focus, and capabilities of the program

  • Access exclusive content: We’ll send you videos, articles, prototypes and in-depth updates that’ll ensure you’re ahead of the curve

  • Become an early adopter: You’ll have the chance to get first hands-on access to our program’s Beta

  • Connect to our network: Join our community of passionate educators, sharing knowledge, resources, and your valuable experiences

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Why we’re doing this

It’s simple:

We want to build the best spelling product.

You’re the teaching experts.

By working together, we have a chance to do something unique, new, fun, amazing, and all the other buzzwords – but with a goal we can all be proud of:

Helping students around the world with their spelling.

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Your role in the project

Spell it out for us!

The more you contribute, sharing your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and commentary, the better our spelling tool will be for you, your students and your school.

Join our growing community of passionate teachers and take part in a (possibly) first-of-its-kind project/experiment/educational revolution!

Yes, I want to be part of it!

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