A revolutionary, systematic and time-saving program to teach writing 

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A trusted, evidencebased writing resource  

Designed by a team of education experts, Writing Legends uses the same research-based techniques, pedagogical practices and curriculum alignment that made Reading Eggs a trusted resource in over 16,000 schools worldwide.

Easy-to-use and time-smart solution  

The intuitive interface of Writing Legends allows for smooth, seamless implementation schoolwide. With easy-to-follow writing lessons, teaching becomes a breeze, and data-driven reporting saves teachers their most valuable asset – time.

Why teachers will love Writing Legends

Help students become better writers

Develop essential writing skills  

With structured lessons on varied writing genres that progressively build on each other, students gradually become effective and confident writers.

Keep learners motivated

Engaging lessons with instant feedback 

Students enjoy personalised, immediate and interactive prompts on how to improve their writing. To fuel their motivation, the program offers rewards, games and incentives.

Unlock students writing potential

Achieve measurable progress 

Students make clear and measurable progress at the word, sentence, grammar and text levels. Easily monitor their growth and provide meaningful feedback to maximise your impact.

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