Readiwriter Spelling Pedagogy

Readiwriter Spelling was made using two clear and distinct pedagogical principles – the Lexical-Linguistic Approach and the 6M Learning Framework.

Your suggestions, along with these guiding principles, helped make Readiwriter Spelling a powerful companion in spelling education.

Here’s how they work:

The Lexical-Linguistic Approach

Word knowledge is essential for students to be successful in school and beyond. Students need to learn to spell 20,000 to 40,000 words and should have a passive vocabulary of 50,000 to 60,000 words to thrive.

But it is almost impossible for most of us to commit that many words to memory if we only consider each word in isolation. In fact, for students to remember 40,000 individual words, they’d need to learn and retain 90 words per week for the entirety of their school life.

How do we learn to spell?

While it’s true that efficient spellers do rely on their memory of words (lexical store), a rich spelling knowledge also includes the ability to:

Hear and spell units of sound (phonology)

Identify permissible letter patterns (orthography)

Manipulate words to change their form (morphology)

Understand the origins of words (etymology)

This knowledge allows us to see patterns and make general rules and means that we can learn groups of words in a rich and connected way.

The Lexical-Linguistic Approach to spelling

3P Learning’s approach to spelling focuses on explicit instruction of the linguistic skills of phonology, orthography, morphology and etymology to help spell unfamiliar words and to create a reliable and ordered.

The 6M Model

We found that all learning frameworks have the same six core goals: motivate, model, master, magnify, measure – all connected to the core aim to monitor. Let’s take a look at each M:


Motivation is generally used at the start of lessons. We want to get our students excited and hook them on what they’re about to learn. This can be done through open-ended questions, hands-on tasks, goal setting, prerequisite checking and self-reflection questions.


This is where we connect learning to the real world, explaining concepts to students through diagrams, interactives, manipulatives, worked examples, or videos and animation.

Master and Maintain

Mastery is based off students’ ability to finish a task flexibly, accurately, efficiently and appropriately. We help students reach mastery with practice and fluency tasks, which can then be used to tackle more complex, multi-step problems. Spaced and interleaved practice are effective strategies to combat ‘forgetting’ and assist in the maintenance of skills and knowledge retention over time. Effective teachers intentionally and systematically build in opportunities to revise prior learning, as well as continually making links to this learning in the context of new knowledge and skills.


Once reserved for accelerated learners, there’s evidence to show that magnification (applying knowledge to more complex, richer and deeper learning) is beneficial for all students. The Magnify component also provides opportunities to develop the ‘soft skills’ of literacy proficiency such as collaborating, communicating, representing, reflecting and a developing a productive disposition.

Meaningful feedback

Meaningful feedback is central to the 6M Learning Framework. It is the formal and informal gathering of data and responding to it both immediately and over time. It guides ‘just in time’ formative feedback, provides information about the success of each learning progression and gives direction to subsequent learning opportunities.

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Here’s how the 6M Model works with other learning strategies

Explicit Teaching Model

Constructivist Model

Flipped Learning Model

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“We had a go at the live spelling test yesterday and I thought it was brilliant! Almost exactly what I imagined when chatting to the developer and I think it has the potential to be an amazing spelling program to rival other schemes.”
Luke Craig, Britannia Village Primary School | ICT Leader
“Before Readiwriter…spelling was a bit of a nightmare”
Student, Britannia Village Primary School
“I used to find spelling lessons boring”
Student, Britannia Village Primary School