Teacher Features

Easy differentiation

Find and assign activities that provide meaningful challenge. Sorted into three levels, Readiwriter’s word lists provide a rich, shared class focus while allowing activities to be targeted at the right level for groups or individual students.

Personal word lists for students and teachers

Edit and create your own lists using Readiwriter Spelling’s word bank of over 10,000 words, or create your own words to help students further develop their vocabulary.

Targeted learning activities

Use pedagogically-driven spelling and vocabulary activities to target specific linguistic skills, develop students’ lexical stores, and enrich vocabulary knowledge.

Live testing

Set live tests to assess your students’ pre-test and post-test results at the end of a spelling learning sequence, and save time with automated marking and reporting.

Student engagement

Captivate your students with pedagogically driven gamification activities like Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, Syllable Sushi, Magic Boxes and more.

Data and reporting

Gather insights from student data to understand their strengths, struggles and where they need extra support.

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Readiwriter Spelling program for primary schools

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  • Pedagogically driven

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  • Powerful data and insights

  • Hundreds of resources

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“We had a go at the live spelling test yesterday and I thought it was brilliant! Almost exactly what I imagined when chatting to the developer and I think it has the potential to be an amazing spelling program to rival other schemes.”
Luke Craig, Britannia Village Primary School | ICT Leader
“Before Readiwriter…spelling was a bit of a nightmare”
Student, Britannia Village Primary School
“I used to find spelling lessons boring”
Student, Britannia Village Primary School