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Reading Eggs introduces and reinforces students’ understanding of the five essential elements of literacy.

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Reading Eggs engages students with the five essential elements of reading

1. Phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness is a fundamental literacy skill that allows students to to identify and manipulate individual sounds within spoken words. Reading Eggs develops this skill in children through word games, rhyme and audio-led lessons.

2. Phonics

Phonics is the ability to see and make connections between written letters and sounds. Reading Eggs encourages students to learn to decode (reduce words to sounds) and encode (make sounds into words) as they undertake spelling, writing and reading practice.

3. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the ability to understand the meaning of words, how to use them, and what context they should be used in. Because vocabulary is intrinsic to reading and literacy, Reading Eggs helps students develop this skill by continually introducing and explaining new words to students as they progress through the program.

4. Comprehension

Comprehension is the understanding of the meaning of texts, both in gathering information and following stories. Reading Eggs reinforces and tests new-found factual knowledge, seeing where they’ve made links between topics and concepts, as well as if they can follow, recall, and have an emotional connection to stories they’re reading.

5. Fluency

Fluency is the ability to read with speed and accuracy, and it’s the final step in showing that students have mastered the previous four elements of reading. Reading Eggs ensures that students stay engaged with their work, are continually exposed to new content, and builds their reading to mastery at a pace that works for individual students.

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