Transform the way K-3 students learn through technology with Mathseeds.

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Improve math results for your district

An online math program that really works. Mathseeds is a sequential online math program where all students begin ‘where they are’ and improve their performance as they progress through a standards-based continuum.

My kids are only five years old, and they are very engaged with Mathseeds—and that is saying a lot.
It pulls them in and keeps them there.

Amy W, Aiken Elementary, Paris, TX


Bring Mathseeds to Your School with Our Proof of Concept Program

Every POC starts with an in-depth discussion of your district, your challenges, and your strategic goals. Bringing over 25 years of combined experience, our dedicated Proof of Concept specialists will deliver professional learning geared to support your district’s goals.

Program Benefits

Alignment to your strategic goals

Our experts will collaborate with your district to customize a solution that goes beyond the basics – we create a comprehensive package combining in-depth product training, robust professional learning, and more.

Dedicated Support Team

Our education and technology experts regularly connect with the district team, answering questions and providing insight to success stories, milestone achievements and areas for improvement. We are with you every step of the way.

Extensive reporting

We go beyond the numbers and analyze your district’s results to provide you with easy-to-understand data that helps identify top areas of student needs, improvement and growth across grades and concepts.