The powerful formative assessment tool for writing and maths

Brightpath Progress helps you drive school-wide improvement in writing and maths with a proven, evidence-based assessment solution.

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Brightpath Progress

Brightpath is perfect for

Assessing and improving students’ writing performance

Easy-to-use assessment tools to help students become better writers. Based on 20 years of research and proven success, the Brightpath Teacher’s Ruler was built using thousands of real student writing samples.

Improving students’ maths outcomes with clear, immediate data

Assessment tools that provide immediate feedback focusing on individual and combined strands in mathematics. It provides intuitive feedback about each student’s readiness to learn key mathematical skills and concepts.

Why thousands of teachers use Brightpath Progress

Keep track of student progress

Makes learning visible

Shows you where your students are and how they’ve improved with clear learning points that can be shared with students and parents.

See school-wide improvement with Brightpath

See school-wide improvement

Provides a common evidence-based scale

Calibrate your student writing samples against a common scale that can be used across the whole school to show growth over time.

Brightpath celebrates student growth

Celebrate growth

Student agency and goal setting

Students know what they have mastered, with their glowing: ‘I can’ list. They take ownership of their grow goals: ‘I am learning’, by choosing the next skills they will work on.


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