The online reading program ready to equip early learners with the skills required to succeed in school.

Develop school-
ready learners

In the colourful, fun and engaging world of ABC Reading Eggs, early learners work at their own ability, with self-paced lessons that focus on building the essential reading and phonics skills needed for primary school.

Nurture a love
of reading

With 100+ Big books and an online library filled with over 2000 titles, there is no shortage of books to foster a love of reading among your early learners.

Fit for all
learning environments

The flexible nature of ABC Reading Eggs means educators can easily use the program as they see fit. It could be made part of group reading activities, individual literacy learning or even be explored by children at home – it’s up to you!


Reading Eggs works with early learning educators to develop the foundational literacy skills required to set young learners on the path to success in the primary classroom. Our real-time reports provide you with snapshots of children’s progress, so you can confidently say a child is ready to shine at school.

Early Learner

Through songs, games, rewards and fun activities, ABC Reading Eggs provides early leaners with the key reading and literacy skills needed to successfully transition into primary school. The program understands each child, what level they should be working at, and when they are ready to learn something new – supporting and nurturing them every step of the way.

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