Spellodrome. Reducing teacher workload.

Spellodrome is not just a powerful resource for students. We’re passionate about teachers too. That’s why we created the Teacher Console – a powerhouse of tools, reports and resources to  reduce workload, because we believe teachers should be empowered to teach.

Designed with teachers, for teachers.

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“With the help of Spellodrome we have seen a lot of our students jump up dramatically in their spelling ages. In some cases we have seen students move up 3 or 4 years!”

Spellodrome Teacher

Bring your word lists to life.

Spellodrome includes an exciting range of activities and challenges, all powered by your own classroom word lists – keeping the focus right where you want it. The perfect way to engage your students in their weekly spelling list.

  • Create your own spelling programs with drag and drop word lists.

  • Select from a bank of over 10,000 words covering all major international English dialects.

  • Also available are a huge range of Spellodrome-created default word lists and spelling programs.

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Assess. Diagnose. Target.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to instantly assign your students individual spelling and reading age tests and have them automatically marked? Yes, we thought so too. That’s why we created the Assessments platform within Spellodrome.

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Spelling ability is a very wide spectrum, often even within a single class. That is why Spellodrome includes incredibly simple drag and drop spelling group creation.

It’s simple to split your class into multiple groups and assign different word lists to each. It’s one-click differentiation.

Spellodrome Learning Spelling Groups
Spellodrome Teacher Tools and Reports


Track students’ progress and improvement with access to real-time data and live results reporting, allowing for easy diagnosis of troublesome word and letter patterns.

Reporting also includes frequently misspelled words, time on task, usage statistics and summaries of rewards earned.

Spellodrome Printable Workbooks Worksheets Textbooks

Never make a worksheet again.

At Spellodrome, we know that the early exploration of literacy cannot always be best achieved online. That’s why we include thousands of pages of printable worksheets and workbooks (all tailored to the spelling programs within Spellodrome), enabling wider exploration of areas such as comprehension, grammar and language.

A perfect resource for classroom and home-based exploration.

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Spellodrome Visual Literacy Resources

Multi-modal Visual Literacy. Covered.

Visual Literacy is now an important element in the instruction of English to students of all ages, so Spellodrome has expanded to help. A range of exclusive visual literacy resources have been developed in association with authors, illustrators and media providers. They are ready and waiting to support discussion, critical thinking and the development of verbal and written literacy skills in your classroom.

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…and there is so much more.

Get in touch with the friendly team of educational specialists at Spellodrome for more details. We’d love to speak to you.