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 Mathletics Help and Support Console

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The Spellodrome Support Portal contains a range of training and support, from the basics to advanced use. Whether in print, video, webinar or in person – we’ve got you covered…

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Guides for Teachers

The Spellodrome Teacher Console is a powerhouse of tools, reports and resources to drive data-driven teaching and learning in your classroom. Whatever your objective, we’re here to support you.

 Spellodrome for Teachers

Brand new to Spellodrome?

Download this Quick Start guide covering the basics. Get up and running and hold your first Spellodrome lesson.


Meet the Teacher Console

A full guide to navigating the Teacher Console – everything you need to power learning in your classroom.


Creating Word Lists

Activities within Spellodrome are powered by your own words. Learn about setting up word lists for your students.


Creating Learning Groups

Learn to manage your classes by splitting them into groups with more targeted content for greater differentiation.


Diagnostic Data & Reports

View real-time results data for your students, track improvement plus usage and time on task statistics.


Tests and Assessments

Powerful assessments with curriculum-aligned reporting. Learn how to diagnose and repair learning gaps.


Printable Workbooks

Go offline with thousands of pages of curriculum-aligned eBooks and worksheets. Who needs textbooks?

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Guides for Students

Get to know Spellodrome. A range of exciting and interactive activities to master your spelling – plus certificates, rewards… and of course not forgetting Live Spellodrome!

 Spellodrome for Students

Meet the Student Console

A full guide to navigating the Student Console – everything a student needs to know to get started with Spellodrome.


Student Console Map

Find your way around with this map, introducing all of the main areas of the Spellodrome Student Console.

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Guides for Administrators

The Spellodrome Admin Console is designed for Principals, Heads of Department and school administrators. Manage your school roll and view school-wide student and teacher data.

 Spellodrome for Teachers

Meet the Admin Console

A full guide to navigating the Admin Console, your gateway to managing your school roll and school-wide data and settings.


Manage your School Account

Learn how to create, edit and manage the student and teacher accounts within your school, as well as set up classes and curricula.


Viewing Whole-School Data

Learn how to access the range of school-wide data and reports available for admins; covering usage, results and improvement.


Manage Settings & Privacy

Your settings, your way. Guidance on taking full control of your school-wide curriculum and important privacy settings.

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Guide for Parents

Your child is a part of our global community of over 5 million students in more than 20,000 schools and homes around the world. Parents and guardians are an important part of that community. Welcome to the family.

Download our guide for families
 Mathletics for Parents
 Mathletics Technical Support

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