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Meet your completely new spelling resource…

Enter the exciting world of Spellodrome. An engaging array of activities, games and challenges – all powered by your own word lists.

Designed by educators, Spellodrome encourages independent learning and the development of critical spelling awareness. Visual, Phonological, Morphemic and Etymological – we’ve got you covered.

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Spellodrome Word Lists
Spellodrome Laptop Tablet

Enter the world of Spellodrome…

Spellodrome provides a safe, secure and engaging online world of learning for students. Rewards and certificates keep students motivated, with a wide range of spelling games based on a teacher-assigned custom word list.

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We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a 14-day trial of Spellodrome. Our friendly team is eager to learn about your objectives and show you a number of possible strategies using Spellodrome to achieve them.

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Bring your word lists to life.

Spellodrome includes an exciting range of activities and challenges for students to explore and learn their word lists, with a little competition along the way…

Spellodrome CrossWord
Spellodrome Word Detective
Spellodrome Words In Pieces
Spellodrome Word List Workout

Your word lists, brought to life

Create your own spelling programs with drag and drop word lists, selecting from a bank of over 10,000 words covering all major international English dialects.

Your word lists power the activities and challenges within Spellodrome, so learning is focussed around only the words you wish to target – a perfect way to engage your students in their weekly spelling list. Also available are a huge range of Spellodrome-created default word lists.

Teacher control and resources.

The Teacher Console is a powerhouse of tools and resources designed to reduce workload.

Track your students’ usage, progress and improvement with access to real-time data and live results reporting – allowing diagnosis of troublesome word and letter patterns in a couple of clicks.

Create learning groups with incredibly simple drag and drop spelling group creation, accommodating for differing abilities or weekly spelling lists. It’s one-click differentiation.

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Live Spellodrome spelling competition

It’s fast, it’s furious. Introducing LIVE Spellodrome, a real-time race challenge where students are matched and compete with friends in their school, or players in classrooms on the other side of the world!

Hugely popular, Live Spellodrome harnesses the power of the internet to increases students’ confidence in spelling, as well as speed of mental spelling strategy.

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Spellodrome Visual Literacy Resources

Multi-modal Visual Literacy. Covered.

Visual Literacy is now an important element in the instruction of English to students of all ages, so Spellodrome has expanded to help. A range of exclusive visual literacy resources have been developed in association with authors, illustrators and media providers. They are ready and waiting to support discussion, critical thinking and the development of verbal and written literacy skills in your classroom.

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