Mathletics. Reducing teacher workload.

Mathletics is not just an award-winning resource for students. We’re passionate about teachers too. That’s why we created the Teacher Console – a powerhouse of tools, reports and resources to  reduce workload, because we believe teachers should be empowered to teach.

Designed with teachers, for teachers.

Mathletics. Made for International Schools.

Looking for a powerful learning resource aligned to the your school’s curriculum? We’ve got you covered. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content from K-12 – designed to meet the requirements of the US Common Core, UK, Australian and IB curricula – with reporting and assessments to match.

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Mathletics Reports. Your data, your way.

We’ve worked in partnership with real teachers to create the Reports area within Mathletics. Make the most of your data – view information for a single student or class, right up to the entire school.

  • View live data for classes and groups – or view together for a powerful and visual comparison.

  • View usage data, time on task and a summary of rewards achieved.

  • Year level and whole-school reporting available to school administrators.

  • Real-time data exactly where you need it… at your fingertips.

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Assess. Diagnose. Target.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to instantly diagnose your students’ individual learning gaps and address them with targeted and adaptive content? Yes, we thought so too. That’s why we created the revolutionary Assessments platform within Mathletics.

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View results. Set tasks.

Mathletics means no more marking. Ever. With the interactive digital results area, teachers have access to live data – with struggling students and concepts highlighted for further targeting. Set tasks for the whole class with a single click.

Mathletics Resuts
Mathletics Groups

Differentiation. Done differently.

We think providing each student with the most appropriate content should be simple, so we created Groups. Mathletics takes the hard work out of differentiation with this easy to use tool. Managing learning groups is now as simple as drag and drop.

Mathletics Printable Workbooks Worksheets Textbooks

 Time to say goodbye to those old textbooks.

Mathletics also includes a huge library of printable eBooks and worksheets for both teachers and students. Over 150 comprehensive workbooks covering complete concepts from K-12 – that’s thousands of pages of award-winning print material, ready and waiting inside Mathletics. All at no extra cost.

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Meet our dedicated app for teachers.

Keeping track of your students’ progress is no longer confined to your laptop with the handy Mathletics smartphone app for teachers.

Access all of your students’ results data in real-time and assign homework or classwork activities – right from your phone. Available free to all Mathletics teachers.

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…and there is so much more.

Get in touch with the friendly team of educational specialists at Mathletics for more details. We’d love to speak to you.