Mathletics. Made for the National Curriculum in England.

Looking for a powerful learning resource aligned to the National Curriculum? We’ve got you covered. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content from Reception to KS3 – designed to meet the requirements of the curriculum, with reporting and assessments to match.

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Mathletics and the England National Curriculum

Mathletics Curriculum Alignment – Early Years to KS3

The education team at Mathletics is committed to providing a resource that is powerful, targeted and most importantly relevant to all students.

Mathletics includes well over 1,200 individual adaptive practice activities and eBooks available for Early Years Foundation Stage to KS3 students. Our team of education publishers has created a course that specifically follows the England National Curriculum programme of study.

Courses are broken down into topics that represent the major areas of focus within each year. Topics are aligned to Mathletics activities and include a pre- and post-assessment, all mapped to the requirements of the curriculum.

Our team of educators have created curriculum alignment documents to assist teachers with lesson planning and showcase the volume of activities, eBooks and multimedia content available. These can be downloaded below.

Download a guide to Mathletics for the Primary Years Curriculum
Download a guide to Mathletics for the Secondary Years Curriculum

Award-winning curriculum content

Don’t just take our word for it. Mathletics received the Best Whole Course Curriculum Content award at the BETT Awards 2015 in recognition of its alignment to the new National Curriculum – supporting Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.

BETT Awards 2015
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Mathletics Assessments for the National Curriculum in England

Powerful online assessments have been designed by our maths experts, with concepts and content aligned to the programmes of study within the National Curriculum. Multiple assessments are available for each year level, making them perfect for benchmarking. A range of SATs-style preparation tests are also available.

Coupled with Mathletics’ powerful reporting for teachers these assessments are a dynamic tool to identify, target and close knowledge gaps.

Summative assessments to test pupil knowledge in relation to the England National Curriculum 2014 which include diagnostic reports and suggested learning pathways for improvement.

  • A range of assessments designed to track student progress across the year.
  • Available for Years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  • Tests available cover the full year of curriculum content.

A range of SATs-style practice assessments, designed to diagnose and report upon knowledge gaps:

  • Available for all applicable year levels
  • Multiple assessments available
  • Calculator and non-calculator versions included

A range of maths quizzes and assessments, with a sporting theme – great for extra classroom activities

  • Available for Years 4-9.
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Assess, diagnose and target learning gaps with Mathletics. A powerful set of tools for teachers to target the requirements of the National Curriculum in the classroom.

Not following the National Curriculum?

Not a problem. Besides the many ready-made courses available that are aligned to the National Curriculum’s requirements, Mathletics also includes a great Course Creator tool for teachers and administrators.

Creating a new course is a simple as drag and drop. You can start completely from scratch, or use an existing Mathletics course as a template. Add, move or remove individual Mathletics activities to suit your school’s needs.

Once created, a custom course is available to every teacher in the school – and all the usual reporting, diagnostics and live data is available. It’s Mathletics – your way.

Mathletics Course Creator
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