Secondary schools all over New Zealand are deciding WordFlyers is the winning literacy solution for secondary students. We asked our community of WordFlyers teachers why.

Here’s their top 5 reasons for turning to WordFlyers.

“I know exactly where each student is at”

Containing 128 units of work across 16 different levels, an abundance of writing activities, additional resources and grouping tools, WordFlyers provides endless opportunities to personalise student learning, address unique instructional needs and ensure every student is on the path to literacy success.

“It keeps students focused and challenged”

It can be a challenging task engaging secondary students. Unlike other literacy resources, WordFlyers’ range of relatable age-appropriate and relevant texts and content bring to light real-world topics and issues, contextualise student learning and keeps engagement alive. Students are continuously motivated by intrinsic and extrinsic rewards that ensure they stay on track and engaged with learning.

“It builds the skills needed to succeed in the secondary classroom”

Focusing on grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, reading, comprehension and writing, WordFlyers ensures students are equipped with the fundamental skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Teacher tools enable quick and easy identification of gaps in students’ knowledge, which can be addressed with targeted content, ensuring all students experience success.

“WordFlyers instils confidence in all my students”

While other resources often set students on a controlled learning path, the nature of WordFlyers allows students to engage with the resource in a manner that suits their needs. Whether they find comfort in working at a different pace, or are eager to explore more challenging content, WordFlyers empowers this with a highly flexible learning environment, giving students the confidence they need to reach mastery across the key literacy skills.

“There’s a wealth of resources and support to extend learning”

From digital interactive activities to printable resources that are supported by current and relevant content, WordFlyer’s perfectly supports classroom lessons with its wealth of resources, teacher tools and ongoing support.

You’re just a click away from strengthening your students’ literacy skills

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