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A recent major independent research study found that the results of students using Mathletics are up to 9% higher in external standardised testing.

We call it the Mathletics Advantage.



Over 8000 schools were examined, covering all regions, sectors and socio-economic backgrounds.


The study examined average standardised test scores in 2008, 2010 and 2012 in comparison with Mathletics usage.


The study has statistically proven a link with 20-30mins per week of Mathletics and up to a 9% lift in test scores.

Proving the Advantage.

We’ve always known that Mathletics provides a significant advantage to all students who use it.

Dr. Tony Stokes, from ACU Sydney, recently published an independent study looking into external standardised test results from over 8000 schools over a five year period, across Grades 3, 5, 7 & 9.

The results speak for themselves…

Disclaimer: NAPLAN data sourced from the My School (www.myschool.edu.au) website, with permission from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). ACARA does not endorse Mathletics or the methodology used for this analysis.

Dr. Tony Stokes

ACU Sydney, BA DipEd (UNSW), MEc (SocSc)(Hons)(Syd), PhD (UOW).

Dr. Stokes is a senior lecturer in Economics at the Australian Catholic University and was previously the Head of the School of Arts & Sciences. He was involved in administration, research, lecturing and mentoring of staff both at ACU and also the University of Wollongong. His achievements in teaching and learning have been nationally recognised by the Carrick Institute for Australian University Teaching. He is also the co-author of the NSW HSC Economics syllabus and has served on numerous HSC Economics examination committees.

Don’t take our word for it.

“The results show that using Mathletics has a highly significant impact on the attainment of students in the NAPLAN test. Students in all cohorts benefit and gain the greatest benefit when they use it over a number of years.

There is a 100 percent likelihood that the schools who use Mathletics achieve higher results than schools that do not.”

Dr. Tony Stokes.

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Get the Mathletics Advantage.

Empirical evidence from Dr. Stokes’ research highlights key ways to maximize time with Mathletics and gain the greatest advantage. Here are some top tips…

  • Assign 2-3 activities per week

    Evidence in the study found that students that complete two to three Mathletics adaptive practice activities per week gained up to a 9% advantage in standardised testing. Assign Mathletics activities directly to your students from within the Teacher Console. Each activity takes between six and seven minutes to complete on average, that’s less than 20 minutes a week!

  • Practice assessments

    Assign one of the many assessments available within Mathletics. You can also print them to hold your assessments offline. This will help familiarise students with test conditions and ease the stress of a testing environment.

  • Support fluency in numeracy

    The ten levels of the Live Mathletics gaming area offer a fantastic opportunity to engage and motivate students while increasing their fluency in core maths skills. An excellent follow-up after your students have completed their weekly assignment of practice activities.

Why Mathletics?

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