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Calls and petitions to ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ aren’t without merit. Neither is the application of testing as a benchmarking and learning method within a wider teaching toolkit. Both aim to drive standards (of happiness and attainment) and equip schoolchildren with the necessary skills to succeed during and beyond their school years.

Where the difficulty lies is in viewing these as mutually exclusive principles. Learning can and should be fun, and education technology helps to facilitate this. Spellodrome aims to break down any barriers some children (and parents) may have to learning, by making it competitive, engaging, and enjoyable.


Children can become Word Detectives, take part in the Word List Workout, play Word List Games, or compete with other students across the globe in real time using Live Spellodrome. If you can spare under two minutes, please watch our video below to discover how you can put a real focus on fun and engagement in your classroom.

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  • Engage students in GPS
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