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Being online is great. Unlike almost every other type of resource, when we create something new (or update something we already have) our students, teachers or parents can get access to it right away. No updates, no extra charges. Just the latest and greatest Mathletics, all the time. 

We release new things regularly and we’ll tell you about it here.

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NEW! June 2015 – Introducing the Desmos Graphing Calculator

Graphing functions are now made easy for older students with the fantastic Desmos Graphing Calculator, built right into Mathletics secondary student interface! This is the first of many Desmos powered content releases for Mathletics following our recent partnership with the team at Desmos. 

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NEW! December 2014 – New “Formulae and Laws” factsheets

To further increase the volume of study resources for older students, a new range of printable factsheets are now available targeting individual strands of mathematics – including key laws and formulae across Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry, with some factsheets coming soon.

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UPDATED! December 2014 – Target learning gaps in Reports

A popular tool within Reports is the automated diagnoses of student/class strengths and weaknesses. These are a popular aid to teaching and use the data generated by your students to identify existing and emerging learning gaps. Now it is possible to target those learning gaps directly – right from the Reports screen.

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UPDATED! October 2014 – Assessment results by class

A brand new report is available within the RESULTS area of the Mathletics Teacher Console, giving teachers the ability to view a summary of each question taken in a Mathletics Assessment, the related curriculum outcomes/standards and a breakdown of how students answered the question.

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NEW! October 2014 – New Mathletics themes

The Mathletics Student Console is your space, and you can make it look however you like. From today, a brand new set of themes is available to select and change the look of your page. We call it the “World Cities” series – two cities are available right away, with more coming soon…

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NEW! October 2014 – Introducing “My Study”

Older students told us they wanted all their study materials in one place. You asked, we listened! Mathletics users will already be familiar with seeing their core course content presented in the middle of the screen. The new My Study area now integrates all eBook, Interactive and video content – all of it searchable and directly relevant to the course assigned to them by their teacher.

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UPDATED! July 2014 – More Live Mathletics content for older students

The Live area of Mathletics continues to be hugely popular – and now there are even more question types available. Our team of mathematical brainiacs have added in several new categories of questions across Levels 6-10, specifically targeting the requirements of Secondary/High School students – including logarithms, algebraic substitution, quadratics, probability, scientific notation and even The Cartesian Plane!

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NEW! July 2014 – Mathletics now available OFFLINE

The Mathletics app for tablets is already hugely successful, with over 1 million downloads worldwide. Now a brand new, groundbreaking feature is available – the ability to access Mathletics completely offline. Fantastic for those times when learners are away from an internet connection – or for classrooms with wifi/bandwidth issues. All results data syncs automatically when next online.

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NEW! July 2014 – Assessments in Results Manager

Over 250 powerful diagnostic assessments (aligned to a range of international curricula and examinations) are already available – now they are even more powerful.  Live and dynamic results data from Assessments is now available within the RESULTS area of the Teacher Console – with the ability to assign activities to individual students to directly target weaker curriculum areas.

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NEW! April 2014 – Brand new Reports

Mathletics Reports is a dynamic new interface for teachers and school administrators that puts live data right where you need it – at your fingertips. Reports has been designed for schools to make the most use of their data. View live data for a single student, a whole class, or the entire school.

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NEW! January 2014 – Even more adaptive curriculum content

Our team of educators and publishers are continually working to ensure Mathletics meets the changing needs of world curricula. Today over 35 brand new curriculum-aligned activities have been released covering a range of topics. The Mathletics database now contains over 1,100 targeted and adaptive practice activities for students covering all year levels and curriculum strands.

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