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The simple, fun way to make a difference in your child’s education.

Over 4 million students love learning mathematics with Mathletics. The same is true with thousands of parents in homes right across the country. With engaging curriculum content for students and some great tools and reporting for parents, it’s easy to see why…


Weekly Reports to keep you connected

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Track and reward your child's progress

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Make changes to your child’s course

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Set tasks for your child to complete

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What is Mathletics?

4 million



schools and homes

Mathletics is the world’s most used mathematics learning website, making a difference in the enjoyment and results of more than 4 million students. 


  • Covers the entire mathematics curriculum.
  • Perfectly aligns with, supports and helps extend or support your child’s school work.
  • Includes activities, games, real-time competitions and printable workbooks.
  • Is independently proven to improve mathematics results by at least 9%.
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Weekly reports to keep you connected

Stay up to date with your child’s progress with the free Mathletics weekly reporting tools that are useful for:

  • Tracking improvement and progress in specific areas.
  • Encouraging Mathletics usage for an improved academic result.
  • Supporting your child’s learning.
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Track and reward your child’s progress

  • With the parent console, you can follow your child’s results and progress with free tools, reports and resources.
  • Reward your child with certificates that can be downloaded and printed from the parent console.
  • To “Check up” on your child, you can view their long term progress and their strengths and weaknesses.
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Customise the topics and activities to suit your child

Easy course changing settings to better suit the needs of your child:

  • Let your child work to their own abilities with Mathletics.
  • The course settings can be updated up to 6 times per year.
  • In case your child is quick smart at finishing all their course content, you can also move them onto another grade content to make sure they’re always occupied.
  • Ensure your child is completing the tasks you have set, they will be locked out of their student console until all tasks set by you are completed.
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Help guide your child’s learning by setting tasks to complete

  • Get the freedom with Mathletics task manager, so you decide the activities you want your child to do.
  • Parents can assign up to 10 tasks of their choice for their child to complete.
  • Set curriculum activities so you know your child is working on the right track.
  • Ensure your child is completing the tasks you have set, they will be locked out of their student console until all tasks set by you are completed.
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Don’t take our word for it…


of parents agreed that Mathletics makes math concepts easier to explain with their child.



of parents agreed that Mathletics has improved their child’s understand of math.


of parents agreed that their child enjoyed math and their results improved with Mathletics.

“My son has improved his attitude towards math. He has told me that Mathletics has been a fun way to complete math problems. He also loves the fact that he is able to work with others from around the world. We’re learning geography too!”
Mathletics Parent
“What I most love about the setup of the Mathletics program is my ability to guide their course of activities as well as track their progress. It is a perfect fit for us as home educators as one of the most important things we aim to teach them is independence.”
Mathletics Parent
“I think today’s kids are much more engaged in learning when they have a program like Mathletics. I’m very happy that my son gets to use this program. It is another way to show young people how to learn math. I will recommend strongly to all parents.”
Mathletics Parent

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