Our Priorities

3P Learning Investors - Our Priorities

3P Learning’s three year strategic priorities

In August 2016 we announced the following three year strategic priorities to drive the business forward towards our strategic and corporate goals.

Building upon our strong foundations of

  • A talented global team

  • Strong customer advocates (students, parents and teachers)

  • Award-winning product brands

  • Recurring SaaS business model

  • Large installed base to accelerate profitable global growth

3P Learning - Strategic Priorities

Year One: Strengthening our product portfolio and building a scalable global operating model

Laying new global foundations. Prioritising product development and innovation, developing a scalable sales and marketing model and implementing a Global Operating Model.

3P Learning - Strategic Priorities

Year Two: Optimising sales revenue

Building upon our global foundations. Leveraging our scalable Global Operating Model to grow sales through product and geographic expansion.

3P Learning - Strategic Priorities

Year Three: Accelerating growth

Expanding upon our global platform. Accelerating growth and expansion.