03 April 2018

Statement in response to the article by Kylar Loussikian, published on 31 March 2018 in the Herald Sun, about 3P Learning.

3P Learning takes the safety and security of customer data seriously and with that in mind, we wish to directly correct some assertions made in the Herald Sun, Melbourne on 31 March 2018.

First, two of the most popular features in Mathletics are Live Mathletics (a gaming based maths fluency experience) and the Hall of Fame leaderboard, where kids can compete with other kids all over the world and are dynamically ranked in terms of their performance. The Mathletics leaderboard publishes only the student’s first name and last initial, along with their school name.

This information is displayed in compliance with our privacy policy. Schools and Parents can also elect to enhance students’ privacy by opting to use pseudonyms or initials in place of student names.

Likewise, the much loved Reading Eggs, a literacy product improving reading for millions of kids all over the world, displays a student’s first name, surname initial and an avatar of the student’s choice as part of its Stadium multi-player games where students play against one another. It does not disclose a student’s gender or skin colour. This information reflects the avatar the student has selected.

With respect to both Mathletics and Reading Eggs, we have implemented barriers which make it more difficult for an individual to scrape and aggregate any data from the leaderboard or Stadium multiplayer games, without taking away our customers desire to show student performance in a way they have elected. Further, in the case of Reading Eggs, this limited data is visible only to students who have logged into the program, while they play in the Stadium against other students. It is otherwise encrypted and not identifiable outside of the Stadium multi-player games.

We are not aware of any concerns having been raised by the NSW P&C Association.

3P learning also recognises the important role that parents play in supporting their child’s learning. We welcome any opportunity to include parents in the use of our products by their children at home and to help schools to communicate with parents about the school’s use of our products. For example, we are currently working with our EU based school customers to help them prepare for, and manage, disclosures for the purposes of GDPR compliance (new privacy regulations with effect in the EU).

Parents can also get a closer understanding of their child’s use of Mathletics by going to www.3plearning.com/parents.

Finally, we are not under investigation by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) as the publication asserts. We have, however, proactively offered to the OAIC information about how our products work. We will continue to collaborate with the OAIC to ensure best practice in our data management.

Customer enquiries:
Should any customer have any concerns we’d really love you to give your local 3P Learning team a call, by following the contact details available at www.3plearning.com/contact.

Thanks for continuing to support our products that are making a difference to kids all over the world.

Media enquiries directed to:
Lisa Solomons – 0416175518, lisa@360pr.com.au
Rachel King – 0423833814, rachel@360pr.com.au