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Edtech programs for when you can’t be with your students


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You can use our education solutions to keep learning seamless, frictionless, and meaningful. Here’s how:

Assign meaningful work from wherever you are

Don’t lose the chance to deliver quality education during interruptions. Our range of software allows you to find, set and send activities to your students from anywhere you have a device and an internet connection. Tailor learning experiences to your students by class, group or individual learner to ensure their education remains meaningful while you’re apart.

Stay connected with your students progress and learning

You don’t have to miss a thing. Automated marking and reporting, and engagement and completion data gives you the insight you need to guide your students in their learning journeys, while certificates and other rewards allow you to celebrate student success from afar.

Maintain students’ learning focus, momentum and engagement

Nothing ends enthusiasm, attention and progress like interruption. Our suite of products uses pedagogically driven, best-practice gamification to encourage your students to keep up their learning. Assign relevant activities, games, and resources at their level and ensure your students are rewarded for their effort and don’t suffer learning loss.

Ready to use on desktops, laptops and tablets

Our tech does the heavy-lifting so your students’ devices don’t have to. Without investing in any additional hardware, your students can get access to any of our programs on a huge range of devices all day, every day. For any help, you or your students’ parents can get direct access to their local 3P Learning teams to get support on how to best use our programs or for any tech related issues.

Our range of software has you covered for mathematics, literacy and science

Mathletics (ages 6-14)

Mathletics is our flagship mathematics program. Used by over 3,000,000 students and 200,000 teachers worldwide, Mathletics uses pedagogically driven gamification to deliver engaging practice and fluency and rich problem-solving and reasoning activities to students.


Mathseeds (ages 3-9)

Mathseeds is the fun and engaging way to introduce students to the world of mathematics. Covering core concepts and problem-solving skills, Mathseeds uses structured lessons, motivational rewards and games to encourage an appreciation of numbers.


Readiwriter Spelling (ages 5-12)

Readiwriter Spelling is the rich spelling and vocabulary program that brings together spelling and communication. Built with the help of educators around the globe, Readiwriter Spelling holds 10,000 words, pre-built word lists including Dolch, OWL, Fry and NZCER, a live-testing environment, engaging games and comprehensive data and reporting.


Reading Eggs (ages 5-7)

Reading Eggs is a fun, engaging and rewarding phonics program filled with games and activities for early learners. With over 2500 online books with comprehension quizzes, worksheets, songs and exciting animations, Reading Eggs captivates young minds as it introduces them to the world of literacy.


Reading Eggspress (ages 7-13)

Reading Eggspress develops students’ skills in reading, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar through games, activities and competition. With 2500+ books, step-by-step comprehension strategies, over 200 lessons and best-practice gamification, Reading Eggspress delights students with literacy.


Wordflyers (ages 12-16)

Worldflyers is the critical literacy program designed to reinforce, strengthen and build literacy skills, as well as develop students’ confidence to use them. Built to deliver on individualised learning pathways, Wordflyers covers vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing and reading comprehension.


STEMscopes Science (ages 9-16)

STEMscopes is an engaging online science program where you will find hundreds of hours of videos, experiment ideas and pre-made lesson plans to captivate learners with the phenomena of the natural world. Let your students explore the Great Barrier Reef, discover the wonders of space and unlock the world of chemistry from their seats, and follow-up their adventures with complementary lessons and tests.


Make distance education meaningful for students and simple for you

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