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Keep your students engaged with learning, wherever they are.

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Keep learning seamless, frictionless,
and meaningful. Here’s how:


Assign meaningful work
from wherever you are

Tailor learning experiences to your students by class, group or individual learner to ensure their education remains meaningful while you’re apart.


Stay connected with
your students progress
and learning

Automated marking and reporting, and engagement and completion data gives you the insight you need to guide your students in their learning journeys.


Maintain students’ learning focus, momentum and engagement

Assign relevant activities, games, and resources at the right level and ensure your students are rewarded for their effort and don’t suffer learning loss.


Ready to use on desktops,
laptops and tablets

Students can get access to any of our programs
on a huge range of devices all day, every day

Our range of software has you covered
for mathematics, literacy and science


For early to secondary learners


For ages 4-16

The world’s most engaging mathematics program.
Find thousands of activities to develop students’
practice, fluency, and critical thinking skills.

Available worldwide

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For early learners


For ages 3–9

Mathseeds develops beginning numeracy skills with captivating activities covering number sense, addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Available worldwide

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For all learners


For ages 5-12

Readiwriter Spelling is the only spelling program
that delivers a rich understanding of spelling in an
engaging way.

Available worldwide.

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For early learners

Reading Eggs

For ages 5–13

Reading Eggs was designed to entertain and engage
young minds with reading and literacy. Packed with
ebooks, activities and resources, Reading Eggs
opens the world of reading to students of all skill levels.

Available worldwide (excluding USA and Canada)

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For secondary learners

Private: WordFlyers

For ages 12–16

WorldFlyers is the critical literacy program designed to
reinforce, strengthen and build literacy skills, as well
as develop students’ confidence to use them.

Available in AU, NZ, LATAM and Caribbean

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Make distance education meaningful
for students and simple for you

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