Over 4m students love learning with us. Here’s why…

Mathletics gives each student their very own personal learning space. Filled with targeted curriculum content, interactive tutorials and support, alongside engaging games and rewards – the Student Console is a powerful hub of learning. Take a look around…

Mathletics Student Console

A personal learning space for every student

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Targeting the Curriculum

Targeted and adaptive practice with Mathletics

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Rewards and Certificates

Designed to keep students engaged in their learning

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Introducing LIVE Mathletics

The popular Live Gaming area of Mathletics

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Two consoles. One goal.

With dedicated interfaces for K-6 and G7-12 students, Mathletics caters for the evolving learning styles and requirements of students as they grow older. Both contain all the activities, tutorials and support students need to exceed their curriculum goals.

  • A personal learning space for each student with customizable themes and avatars.

  • Curriculum content can be assigned and controlled by the teacher or parent (home subscriptions only).

  • Self-directed learning is the focus for older students, with searchable access to activities, interactive content, eBooks and video.

  • On-screen notifications for homework and teacher-assigned tasks.

Using a tablet? We’ve got an app for that…

Mathletics is also available on tablet devices via our great free app. It’s your Mathletics – anytime, anywhere. You don’t even need an internet connection.

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Targeted and adaptive practice activities.

Over 1200 curriculum activities targeting Common Core and state standards, each one automatically evolving as students progress in understanding. Pre and post assessment plus interactive and video support is also available.

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Target math fluency.

Introducing the fast-paced and exciting world of LIVE Mathletics. Students are matched with others from their class… or the other side of the world! There is no more exciting, engaging or fun way to improve math fluency!

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A rewarding experience.

With additional problem solving games, a virtual avatar store, bonus credits and weekly award certificates, Mathletics keeps students engaged and on task right across the school year.

  • Students earn points for each correct answer within Live Mathletics and curriculum activities.

  • A weekly target of 1000 points earns a student a certificate, building though bronze, silver and gold across the school year.

  • Credits are awarded for improvement over personal bests to spend on virtual avatars.

  • Top scoring students are showcased on the Mathletics homepage live Hall of Fame!

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…and that’s just for starters.

The Mathletics Student Console also contains a host of additional learning resources for students. Try out Mathletics in your classroom and see why over 17,000 schools love learning with us.

Concept Search

The Concept Search is an interactive encyclopaedia of mathematical words and terms. Explore and learn through illustration and animation.

Problem Solving

A range of mini math games, encouraging students to solve real-world problems through exploration and open thinking.

Times Table Toons

Join Max and the Band as they sing, dance and rock their way through the times tables. A great fun way to learn multiplication.

Rainforest Maths

Designed for younger students, Rainforest Math comes to Mathletics. A wildly bright and vibrant selection of activities for K-6.

Explore Mathletics in your school today.

We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a 14-day free trial of Mathletics. If you like, one of our friendly team of school specialists can even visit your school, learn about your objectives and show you the best features to meet them.

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