Hello! I am back with the updates from Pakistan regarding the World Education Games. The celebrations of the Games have been over whelming and to see so many Pakistani students top the Hall Of Fame makes me really proud. I knew, from the moment I became the Ambassador that I was going to be blown away. It’s a pride that we share as a nation to see Pakistani students proving themselves in this prestigious, international platform. It’s my great pleasure and honour to announce that Ali Saud K. from Pakistan has topped the World Education Games in Grade 9+. Not to mention all the other geniuses who have been going all out in the Games.

Well, this was all about the result and participation but as far as celebrations are concerned, it is of great delight to tell to the rest of the world that numerous Pakistani schools have eagerly acknowledged the Games. There have been countless campaigns to raise awareness of the Games and almost every person aware of them has keenly taken part. Not only in trying to become one of the Champions but also to donate as much as they can to the UNICEF School-in-a-Box program. The charity raising in my own school was out of charts as students kept on contributing ample amounts of money for the noble cause of education for the underprivileged people. It was a sense of elation when I noticed heaps of money collected in our little charity box and I have to say that this experience restored my faith in humanity.

I, as an Ambassador went to different schools, talked about the importance of the reputed and Games and the great opportunity they offered. I oriented the students about the rules and regulations as well as the awards of the Games. It was surprising to see so many of them willing to take part as a spark of interest shone through their eyes when they heard about the medal. Even my family and friends took up the job to spread the news of the Games as far as possible. Other than that, Social media was the obvious help it has always been: Increasing the recognition of the Games in a way which was not possible for me. It spread the news overseas and many people were attracted to charm of the well known Games.

Apart from that, I will never forget going on door to door campaigns, finding students who might be willing to sign up and pleading my friends to share the news among their own circle. All in all, it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next year of the fun-filled, crazy and informative Games. For now, that is all from me but you will definitely see me again. Until then, keep on playing!