The World Education Games is a free, fun and safe online competition spanning from October 13 – 15, 2015. It consists of World Literacy Day, World Math Day and World Science Day. It aims to unite students from around the world in a safe, global setting.

To celebrate the Games, we have selected some of Canada’s top-achieving Mathletes as Student Ambassadors to promote the Games and inspire a love of learning within their communities. Student Ambassadors are enthusiastic about learning and representing their school and province on the world stage. To learn more about the students representing Canada in the World Education Games, please click here.

Ambassadors have been hard at work this summer! They have had a myriad of responsibilities ranging from visiting local schools, getting in touch with the media to writing letters to the Prime Minister of Canada. As a reward for all their hard work, Ambassadors got to visit Calgary, AB for two fun-filled days. Read on to find out what they got up to on the Celebration Tour!

Day 1: Local visits and the Ambassador Gala

School-wide Live Mathletics Challenge

We kicked off the Celebration Tour by visiting two local schools. Students at Calgary Christian Elementary School were delighted to welcome our Ambassadors with a full-school assembly. Ambassadors were greeted by ~450 attentive students ready to be inspired. What a way to start the day! CBC’s Doug Dirks introduced student Ambassadors Alexandra, Geoffrey and Peyton, who gave their awesome speeches to the crowd. The visit was wrapped up by a Live Mathletics Challenge led by principal Mrs. U. The energy in the crowd was truly incredible!




Excited Mathletes cheering on Mr. Alan

The second school we visited was St. Boniface Elementary, where Ambassadors Creedon and Musaab presented their inspiring speeches to grade 4-6 Mathletes. Creedon’s speech about the importance of learning for future achievements was truly inspiring. Ambassadors were gifted handmade cards and hockey sticks as a token of appreciation for all their hard work. The energy of the crowd was palpable when Mr. Alan participated in a Live Mathletics Challenge and won against his opponent. The visit was wrapped up with each student participating in their very own Live challenge. Thanks for having us, St. Boniface!

After visiting the schools, Ambassadors were greeted by the 3P Learning team at our head office. They got to meet the team and be acknowledged as distinguished visitors with a White Hat Ceremony. The Ceremony is a long-standing Calgarian tradition representing western hospitality. The white cowboy hat is typically awarded to celebrities, which included the Canadian WEG Ambassadors. Student Ambassadors listened closely to the inauguration speech before receiving their very own cowboy hat. We’d like to thank Tourism Calgary for contributing to this fun day!


Student Ambassadors in their cowboy hats

WEG Ambassadors getting interviewed

What a busy morning! The five students soon learned that being a celebrity isn’t as easy as it seems. After a delicious pizza lunch with the 3P Learning team, Ambassadors visited the CBC Calgary studio. They were interviewed by Doug Dirks of The Homestretch where they had the chance to tell Canadians all about the Games and how they have been fulfilling their roles as Ambassadors. Following the interview, CBC Calgary surprised the five Ambassadors with a fun tour of the TV studio.

Alexandra B at the zoo

Alexandra B learning about tigers at the zoo

Following the interview, Ambassadors got a bit of free time to relax in the hotel pool and prepare for the gala dinner. The dinner took place at the Calgary Zoo, and the beautiful summer evening presented the perfect opportunity to go on a guided tour. Ambassadors got to check out tiger teeth, camel fur, and even a rhino horn prior to the delicious dinner.

Following the dinner, Michelle Salt took the stage and gave an incredible speech about the importance of never giving up your dreams in the face of adversity. Michelle is a Canadian para-snowboarder who lost her leg following a life-threatening motorcycle accident.

What an eventful day! We’d like to thank Doug Dirks for emceeing the gala dinner alongside his extensive involvement in the Celebration Tour. We’d also like to thank Ambassadors’ parents and guardians for working with us to make this day truly unforgettable.

Day 2: Love Learning Conference and departure

Dr. Marian Small at the Love Learning Conference

Dr. Marian Small

The Love Learning Conference is a fun day of learning and sharing ideas hosted by 3P Learning. This year it took place at the  TELUS Spark* Science Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Ambassadors started off the day by giving their inspiring two-minute speeches to a crowd of ~100 teachers, principals and education personnel. They were acknowledged for all their hard work and role in the promotion of education. The crowd was truly inspired by what students can achieve when they love learning.

Ambassadors received Spark* passes and tried out some of the fun learning activities offered at the science centre prior to departing. Did you know that the outdoor playground features a 63 foot slide?


What a fun two days! Thanks for coming, Ambassadors. We look forward to seeing how you’ll keep promoting the importance of learning and the World Education Games.

Want to get involved? Registration for the World Education Games is now open! Make sure to sign up your school and participate in this incredible opportunity to connect with students from all over the world.