Winner Viviana Graney in Mathletics Certification Challenge

St John Bosco School, Brooklyn Park, SA


Hundreds of Mathletics teachers became certified recently and their responses illustrated how Mathletics Certification has impacted their classroom from unique perspectives.    

How has Teacher Certification impacted teaching and learning in your class or in your school?  Viviana Graney’s response:

“Certification for me has been like having a coach on the sidelines. I wasn’t sure before what my end goal was with Mathletics but having targets to aim for and videos to help me along has helped me to determine what I want to achieve, for AND with my students. Each new objective has given me the motivation and skills needed to achieve even more. Not only are my skills increasing but my students’ skills and learning are growing as I learn more.”

Admitting that the outcomes in the certification pack outlined some aspects and tools of Mathletics she hadn’t been aware of, Vivian explains what she has been able to do with this knowledge:

“I teach a composite class. Having two different grade levels in my class can be an added complexity. I use Mathletics on my interactive board to provide explicit teaching to one year level of students while the others practice and consolidate their learning. This ability to have students work independently allows me to provide more individualised learning pathways for my students because I get to know their needs more intimately. Using Mathletics results has also helped me to group students in my class into peer groups and target their learning with activities that they can be successful with and be challenged at the same time. On top of that Mathletics is a motivating tool. My class keeps an eye on what the class next door is doing and if either class is in the top 100 classes it becomes very competitive and my students strive to increase their Mathletics use.”

Viviana has opted to collect the iPad Mini as her prize saying “it will add another device that I can use with my students to access Mathletics and for us access is key at the moment.”

Mathletics Certification LE


Congratulations Viviana Graney from the entire team at Mathletics!  We couldn’t be prouder to be supporting Professional Learning in this way with teachers like Viviana.  Check out how Mathletics Certification can impact you?