Jemima Saunders, Our Lady of Assumption Primary School, WA

Jemima Saunders, Our Lady of Assumption Primary School, WA

Recently certified as a Mathletics Lead Educator, Jemima Saunders shares a little about herself and how she uses Mathletics within her Year 5 classroom.

Jemima has been in teaching for over a decade, beginning at Our Lady’s Assumption in Dianella WA in 2011 after teaching in South Australia.  She initially introduced Mathletics in combination with a variety of mathematics resources and loved using Mathletics straight away in her upper primary context.

“For me, it is curriculum aligned, motivating for students, has the ability to differentiate to meet their individual needs and provides me with assessment data I am able to use to inform future programming. “

Jemima uses Mathletics for student engagement, assessment , teaching and learning and group work/peer tutoring.  Integrating Mathletics by setting compulsory tasks for personalised homework, Jemima finds that Mathletics enriches learning when students complete the tasks she sets, particularly as they receive immediate feedback and progress through the content that matches explicit learning during maths lessons.   She also uses the assessment data to inform reporting and awards certificates of achievement to students who achieve their individual best.  Jemima finds it valuable to regularly incorporate activities from the eBooks in her explicit whole class and group teaching strategies and also amends the available content for her students to streamline their focus throughout the year.

Jemima’s Year 5 class has adopted a 1:1 iPads program with support from individual families.  The class use their devices in almost all lessons to assist in learning.  She’s already looking to what’s coming next from Mathletics, “I appreciate what a process it must be to get the learning tasks into an iPad-ready format – obviously having all of these tasks available on the digital devices will be fantastic. I’d also like to see some more detail or flexibility in the reporting available to teachers that includes all the activities by students, not just the tests at the end of the unit. Of course I can see their score out of 100, but perhaps a similar report but that shows their on-going progress within each unit.”

As an Exemplary Educator via the Catholic Education office in the area of ICT, Jemima is undergoing the Emerging Leaders program this year and will complete her Masters in Education in 2015. Together with her involvement in her school’s Mathematics and other committees Jemima also offers short professional development session through the TeachMeetWA organisation.

For Jemima, she’s most passionate about relationships, with students, families and colleagues, and developing the quality of interactions with others.

“Modelling this for kids can be as simple as showing them how to navigate difficult friendship scenarios or how to tackle a challenging mathematics problem with multiple steps. It’s about feeling good about yourself and engaging positively with others. I am most passionate about assisting older primary students with their increasing responsibilities and having fun while doing it!”

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