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How engaged are you and your school community? Are they engaged or simply busy?

3P Learning has partnered with Carmel School in Perth in bringing Dan Haesler to have a closer look at Engagement in Schools. Dan is a teacher, writer, speaker & consultant. He is engaging, thought provoking and someone who pushes the boundaries. Dan has appeared alongside some of the world’s most respected educational thinkers including Sir Ken Robinson and Stephen Heppell. He also writes regularly for the education pages of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dan has developed a strong capability around leading positive change to support improved learning outcomes through his work on education initiatives. His work centres around the relationships between engagement, wellbeing and leadership. Dan empowers organisations, schools and individuals to lead educational change.

Throughout the day, Dan will focus on:

An introduction to the TEACH Model for personal and whole-school wellbeing
Principals and school leaders will be introduced to the five foundational elements of the TEACH model. They will be given examples of practical strategies they can incorporate into their personal life and leadership roles in school.
Taking a closer look at Engagement in Schools
How engaged are you, your staff, your students and your community in general? Are they engaged
or simply busy? What does the word engagement mean to you? In this session, leaders will explore
avenues to increase engagement in every aspect of their life and the work lives of their colleagues.
How are you at looking after those that support you?
Often the relationships that mean the most to us are the ones we sometimes take for granted. Yet,
our professional ones can often be the deciding factor in whether your school progresses, stagnates
or regresses. In this session participants will explore valuable strategies for strengthening their
personal relationships as well as those in their role as a leader.
Pulling it all together – pulling it all apart
This final reflection will encourage participants to take what resonates with them. This is not designed
to be a one-size-fits-all approach. As such every participant could walk away with something
different. And that’s okay.

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