I’m Tristan, the WEG 2015 Ambassador for Victoria, Australia. Unfortunately the games are well and truly over, BUT… I am very pleased to say that during the games, everyone in the world that competed raised 169,474,201 points for UNICEF (loads of “School in a Boxes” donated to disadvantaged kids) and over 6 million kids around the world participated in the games (yay, we beat #WEG2013’s total!):it was a huge success. It is great to have seen so many young Victorians signing up for the games and receive exceptionally high places on the world leader board.

At my school, the World Education Games created a massive buzz. Everyone was pumped to compete after the first day of the games and I received a lot of questions from members of my class about results or how to get onto the WEG website. I encouraged the schools in my area to sign up their students to compete in the games. Very fortunately that actually happened! A lot of my school’s staff members seemed surprised that the students were allowed to practise Spellodrome and IntoScience for the whole month of October (as our school wasn’t previously using either of those programs). Another exciting part of the games was the fact that it was fully on line, because my friends were obviously not that used to competing on line against students from all around the world….they all said how fun it was!

So, in conclusion, the games were a great success with many,many children from around the world competing in them.

Until next time, fellow students of the world…