Hi, my name is Peyton and this year I was the student ambassador for British Columbia to represent and spread the word about WEG throughout my province. This really was an incredible experience to be able to meet the other ambassadors and be able to participate in my first WEG challenge this year.

Going into the games this year I was excited because all of the activities and challenges were fun but also because I knew I was giving back to the UNICEF School-in-a-Box-Program by doing Math, Literacy, and Science using Mathletics, IntoScience, and Spellodrome.

Some positive feedback I got from other students was that they really enjoyed playing against their friends and being able to test out each level of Mathletics. Students also liked receiving the World Education Games wristbands and competing against each other to see how many UNICEF Points they had earned.

I am so pleased that this year there were six million registered participants, 11.8 years of time was spent competing over those 96 WEG hours, and 169 million points were earned. I’m thrilled that 130 schools in a box will be going to kids in need in Zimbabwe. I’m so happy that I was given the opportunity to tell other students and teachers about WEG and to be able to participate in the games. I encourage every single student to take place in the next WEG because it’s not only a safe and free way to show off your academic skills but it’s also a wonderful and very fun way to give back to students in need.  I enjoyed my once in a lifetime experience being a student ambassador for WEG 2015. I would like to say a huge thank you to everybody at 3P Learning who made this possible for me and the other Ambassadors.

WEG 2015 was fun and I am already looking forward to participating in the next WEG.