What an enlightening, polishing ,refining and entertaining event it was! I had one of the best experience of my life .
I am amazed at how the students in Pakistan responded to our call to join the games , the level of excitement, efforts , keenness and dedication was beyond our expectations. I would like to congratulate all brilliant stars who marked their names on the Hall of Fame and I would like to praise  the commendable efforts of our Pakistani students, Ali Saud Khan, Iman Fatima and Abeeha Saud for winning the title of the champion of the champions.You have made your country proud because of your hard work.

As the Pakistan Ambassador for 2015, I visited multiple schools and invited them not only to participate in the games but to also try and play Mathletics , Spellodrome and Intoscience as these programs will help them improve their skills. As a result, I received a positive response from many schools and students who were willing to try out these programs and be a part of the games. Most of them were excited about going to Australia, especially the young children, who showed great enthusiasm. Social media also played a major role in spreading the word as well as the HUM Masala Family Festival in Lahore.

The games were a chance to mingle with students from all over the world; a chance to live an incredible learning experience.
Personally I am grateful to all those schools and students who joined me and participated in the games.
I am specially thankful to my school, friends and family for helping me in promoting World Education Games and I am super excited for the bake sale in my school for which we have requested our education minister to join us and will be donating all its collection to UNICEF School in a Box program.

I am super excited to find out the winning school for the WEG video challenge.

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Until next time folks!