Maths in sport

Whether your child plays on a team, individually or even watching sports, it’s easy to incorporate a few quick activities to keep up with maths practice.

How long was practice?

1. Write down the time when you and/or your child are getting out of the car for practice or a game.

2. When you return to the car or other form of transportation, write down the time.

3. Have your child determine the amount of time that has elapsed in hours and minutes.

How many hours a week do you spend playing sports?

1. Add up the total amount of minutes spent playing sport each week. Include practice, games, etc. Try to make sure your child only counts actual playing time. i.e. subtract breaks and time between periods or halves.

2. Convert minutes to hours and minutes.

Extension: Determine the amount of time the entire team spends playing sports by multiplying by the number of players.

Statistics: Have your child keep track of their stats within their sport. This may be number of points, speed, shots on goal, saves, etc. Choose a type of graph to represent the data.


Mathletics can also help your child explore the maths techniques used above,  in a fun way with elements of competition too! Find out more